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This site offers a free service and always will. Y2save will help you download videos or music from YouTube. We all know that YouTube has the largest music collection on the net, but many times, when we are playing something on YouTube, the advertisement is very annoying. Y2Save will help you download videos or music. Keep in mind that when you are not connected to Wifi, playing directly from YouTube consumes your data, do not waste your data that way, it is always better to download that content you like and then play it as many times as you want without consuming data.

Steps to download from YouTube

Steps to follow

  • 1

    Perform the search

    Step 1: Perform a search or enter the address of the Youtube video, you can click on the search button or on the suggestions that will appear.
  • 2

    Video selection

    Step 2: Select the desired Youtube video. Subsequently, the available formats will appear in different qualities, select the format you want to download (Mp4 video or Mp3 audio)..
  • 3

    Enjoy the content

    Step 3: Click on the download button and in a few seconds you will have your video/audio to enjoy.

Download videos from the YouTube navigation bar

Add ggg after the word youtube in the url of a video, press enter and you will have all the download options available. The easiest and fastest way to download!

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About Us

We are passionate about music and videos. This site was born out of the need to have updated music for our parties since using YouTube at a party could mean ruining it.
In this place and with little time you can download the best music for your party to remain in eternity as a legendary party. No need to pay subscriptions, we put all the music from YouTube at your fingertips.