Frequently questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions which are answered as accurately as possible.

¿In what formats can YouTube videos be downloaded?

- The formats in which you can download from Youtube are video (mp4) and audio (mp3) in different qualities.

¿What is the download limit?

- To avoid the excessive use of the service, the daily limit of multimedia content download is 32 audio / video files per day.

¿At what speed can I download?

- Our service has high speed connections, so the average download speed depends on the bandwidth of your internet connection.

¿Do I have to pay a subscription?

- It is not necessary to pay any type of subscription to use our YouTube download service. You can download the videos and audios for free.

¿Is the installation of any app or program required?

- To be able to enjoy our service, it is not necessary to install any app or program. This way you will avoid the installation of unwanted software.

¿Can only download YouTube content?

- At the moment our download manager works only with YouTube, we do not rule out the possibility of adding the download of other platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc.